Composed of seasoned pros and DIE-HARD FANS of Nirvana, Smells Like Nirvana’s live tribute to Nirvana is a haunting episode of grunge filled angst and rock prowess played without click tracks or backing tracks a trait that is rare in today’s contemporary musical landscape, a trait and philosophy that Nirvana lived by. Smells like Nirvana is fronted by Paul Wandtke (ex Trivium, Rock of Ages), Tony Martino (ex Local H, ex Hairbangers Ball) on bass and drummer Nick Shabatura.


Sam Jansen - FOH @ Cubby Bear - "A true to life Nirvana experience that smells like rock n' roll!"

"Smells Like Nirvana kicks ass" ~ followers of SLN on

Smells Like Nirvana: Chicago's grungiest tribute to Nirvana